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The world’s only access control aggregator

Doordeck's access control cloud software solution exists to solve the changing needs of the office by enabling smartphone and apple watch entry for commercial buildings via NFC technology.

We are the world’s only access control aggregator, meaning no matter the door access control system you have, we provide the solution to integrate directly into your pre-existing installation.

Don’t currently have a door access control system for your building? No problem. Our hardware provides the solution.

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Doordeck tap the tile NFC
Smartphone access control

Why Doordeck?

Doordeck doesn’t require you to rip out and replace your existing building access control hardware like many other smart access control systems do. We help reduce your costs with no new wires, controllers, locks or readers needing to be installed.

We also save you money! With our NFC driven smartphone digital keys we eliminate the hassle and cost of needing to replace lost key cards.

The stylish credit card sized Doordeck Contactless Tile can be mounted to a wall or door in seconds and activation will take minutes. No batteries or power are needed. Just activate, stick and unlock to get your new digital key entry system up and running in no time at all.

Alternatively, if you don’t have an access control system we can solve that problem too with our hardware.

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Ticks all your boxes

  • No additional cost or time required to issue new or replace lost key cards or fobs with our digital key entry system.
  • No central physical storage required for your library of keys
  • Zero security risk of key cards being lost, cloned or stolen.
  • Improve the safety for employees in your building with contactless entry by reducing the amount of contact your occupants have with frequently touched surfaces, including keys and fobs.
  • No more key card sharing. Use Doordeck
    App-less visitor passes to replace physical visitor passes, ensuring your building is secure.
  • Instant virtual onboarding, no need for an engineer to replace your existing access control system, wires, locks, controllers or readers.
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Doordeck uses superfast NFC to unlock doors

Manage All Buildings, Effortlessly

The added advantage for organisations with many buildings is being able to manage multiple sites just as easily as one building. Adding or removing users can be done via the web from anywhere 24/7.

The doordeck tile

Doordeck Contactless

Want a smart access control system?

Our Doordeck Contactless Tile is designed to make unlocking even easier. Use your smartphone’s built in NFC to read the NFC Tile and unlock the door using the phones data connection for contactless entry.

Alternatively the QR code can be scanned using the smartphones camera. The perfect solution for app-less visitor pass access control.

The Doordeck Tile is registered to your door and the software hosted on Doordeck’s cloud. The software then communicates with your buildings access control system or the Doordeck Box.

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Access Control Integrations

By supporting the leading brands, such as Vanderbilt, ACT, Paxton, and Axis the chances are we already integrate with the current access control system you have installed.  However please check out the access control companies that we are already integrated with.

Logo for axis communications Logo for Paxton access controlLogo for Grosvenor Vanderbilt logoLogo for Brivio
PAC logo Logo for Stanley
Logo for ACT
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Doordeck works on your Apple Watch

Apple Watch App

Doordeck remains at the forefront with it’s newly developed Apple Watch app for the latest watch operating system (watch OS7).

The Apple Watch enables you to unlock your doors in less than 1.5 seconds without needing your iPhone.

Make unlocking even faster by adding Doordeck complications to your Apple Watch face.
The Apple Watch enables you to unlock your doors without needing to get your iPhone out of your pocket.

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