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What is Doordeck Keyless Access Control?

Doordeck is the worlds only Access Control System aggregator.
We make any existing door access control system smart, accelerating keyless entry across every sector, no matter what access control hardware is installed.

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Unlock your office from your phone

A Doordeck digital key can either replace or sit alongside your current keycard. It's super secure (techies, that means RSA2048 & AES256 encryption), and unlocks in a fraction of a second over WiFi or cellular. Your digital key is ready to go in moments - all you need is an email address to get started, no in-person registration required, and no new hardware either.

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Digital keys designed for existing systems

Instead of ripping out perfectly functional hardware and card readers just to add smartphone access, we're the first and only platform to integrate with the world's most popular existing access control products, like Axis and Paxton, offering keyless access control to almost any existing system.

How it installs

Other Product Integrations

Doordeck integrates with other networked products, not just doors.
If your office uses smart elevators, networked printers, or even a parking garage, Doordeck can integrate with them for seamless and smarter control.

Developers: we've got you covered

Our open SKD and APIs mean it's super easy for developers to add Doordeck to their own apps. It's ideal for tenant engagement apps, building-specific apps and community management platforms — bringing more users to your app, boosting engagement and enhancing your building experience.

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A little tap'll do ya

Doordeck can use your phone's inbuilt NFC scanner (or a QR code if you're on an older phone) to unlock doors in a fraction of a second, without even needing to touch the app or relying on insecure, battery-butchering Bluetooth.

Simply hold your phone to one of our unique Doordeck Tiles (available separately) and your digital key does the rest.

How it works

Manage All Buildings, Effortlessly

The added advantage for organisations with many buildings is being able to manage multiple sites just as easily as one building. Adding or removing users can be done via the web from anywhere 24/7.