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About Doordeck

Founded in 2015, Doordeck began as a hardware company, trying to solve an accessibility problem of a wheelchair-bound friend. They wanted to figure out a way that visitors could access their friend’s apartment without the person needing to go to the door to grant entry using the centrally located interface.

So the duo built a piece of tech that rang the person’s smartphone when an outsider rang the external intercom.

doordeck integrates with car parking garages
Unlock hotel using NFC and QR codes on your phone

Then, in 2017, Doordeck wanted to combat the amount of waste involved in ripping out existing access control hardware, so they pivoted to a SaaS only solution. And so Doordeck became a manufacturer agnostic API that sits on top of any existing security system.

The power of Doordeck is not simply in its many smart features, but in its ability to seamlessly aggregate data from multiple buildings, no matter the pre-existing access control system in place.

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Doordeck Timeline


  • Incorporated with private funding.


  • Selected to join Startupbootcamp's IoT Connected Things accelerator, back when Doordeck was a hardware-based product. We brought on our first paying customers (who we still have to date!)


  • Doordeck successfully pivots to being an entirely SaaS-based solution.
  • Launched the Doordeck 'Tile' — a completely bespoke (and patent pending!) solution for secure mobile unlocking, using passive NFC technology.
  • Doordeck becomes the first access control company to be championed by Cisco — and moved to their IDEALondon post-accelerator in Old Street, London.


  • Partnered with STANLEY Black & Decker group to launch STANLEY OneDoor, a bespoke version of the Doordeck app designed especially for the group's hardware.
  • Became a partner of AXIS, one of the market leaders in access control technology.
  • Partnered with a number of Tenant Engagement App developers, including District Tech & Savvy.


  • Radically improved our Developer Portal, giving app developers access to our SDKs and APIs for their own products.
  • Selected as a finalist to showcase our innovation at the Airport Innovation Hub in Dubai.
  • Attended Pitch@Palace 11.0.
  • Signed distribution arrangement with Oprema- one of the largest and fastest-growing distributors of access control products in the UK.


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