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Smart Access Control for Industrial sites and Warehouses

Information Security is built into all our products and services from the ground up, making Doordeck the most secure access control solution available for industrial sites.

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Why use Doordeck Keyless Access Control for your industrial site

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Banking level security

The most secure remote access control available today, Doordeck provides a role based, hierarchical security model with two-step authentication and multi-factor authentication for sensitive systems. All access is logged and audited for suspicious/anomalous behaviour.

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Building analytics

See site data to understand how employees are moving around your site. Monitor site safety by knowing number of entrances and exits in real time.

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Access via card or smartphone

Give tenants and visitors the option to use either their smartphone or their existing keycard or fob to access the building. We can also provide secure Doordeck-enabled phones for ultra-secure sites where keycards and smartphones are not suitable.

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No new hardware

Retrofit your building by installing Doordeck software to modernise your access control. No new wires, no installation casts, no downtime, all the features.

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Remote visitor management

Issue passes and manage visitors from anywhere at any time. Doordeck's cloud based solution allows you to control all your sites whenever and wherever.

Manage All Buildings, Effortlessly

The added advantage for organisations with many buildings is being able to manage multiple sites just as easily as one building. Adding or removing users can be done via the web from anywhere 24/7.

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No Expensive Install Costs

We know it's expensive replacing door access control hardware when you need to modernise your office.

Doordeck doesn’t require you to rip out and replace your existing hardware like many other "smart" door access control solutions.
Instead working with and alongside your existing access control system Doordeck provides keyless entry and visitor management along with other modern features.

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Some of Our Clients

We have two sites each with different access control systems, neither of which support smartphone access. We were worried we'd have to start from scratch at huge cost but the Doordeck system has slotted in right alongside. It's inexpensive, simple to install, and easy to operate.


Director , Cowork

Since integrating Doordeck with our existing ACT door access control hardware we have been able to provide smartphone zero touch door entry to our tenants, particularly important during these times where tenants want to feel at ease.


CEO, Savvy

EIG has been using Doordeck since 2016, I can strongly recommend their SaaS solution works perfectly alongside my existing Paxton Door access control hardware. As my staff have been using Doordeck for many years they had the added confidence that EIG were already ahead of the times.


FD , Estate Insurance Group (EIG)

Being a multi-tenant landlord, I need to be able to provide access for multiple trades people, and have visibility of the comings and goings to ensure my buildings are secure and run efficiently. Being able to issue visitor passes for specific entry and exit times solves the need to be at the building to let the workmen in.


Chairman, Property Consolidation LLP

Doordeck was the logical access system for us. The UI is intuitive and easy to navigate, and when we need support the team are beyond helpful. We'd highly recommend Doordeck to anyone.

Sarah Martin

Programme Manager, Cisco

Big fan of Doordeck! The app is really easy to use and if you have any problem the support team is really quick and helpful. Everyone in the office comments on how fantastic it is.

Christill Asamoah

Manager, Rainmaking Loft

It was simple and straight forward to operate, easy and simple to install on my Android phone. I am really impressed. This block also had electronic gates, which I did use, again worked well to get in.


Electrician, RMG managed property

I love Doordeck. It's made my life easier and helped provide additional logs of all time stamps comings and goings from the building. It’s also help me to save money and time.


Office Manager, Property Consolidation LLP

It seems super safe. The app is really well designed and easy to use. The widget is very convenient to open the door from a distance (especially in times of Covid, when it is nice to avoid touching door handles, etc).


Tenant, RMG managed property