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Doordeck is Crowdfunding
on Seedrs

Learn how you can support the future of the door unlocking and access control.
Hundreds of Buildings - Tens of Thousand of Users - 500,000+ Door Unlocks
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Why Support Doordeck?

Demonstrated Traction

10+ countries, 100+ buildings
10,000+ users, 500,000 doors
unlocked, and offices, universities,
gyms, and more around the world

50% Funded on Day 1

We're crowdfunding to let our
community to join us join us on our
journey, despite previous funding
from major investors

Backers Get 2 Free Doors

Anyone who supports our Seedrs
crowdfunding campaign will
receive a lifetime subscription for 2
free doors on Doordeck

More About Our Crowdfund

We're building the future of access control. Learn more about our story,
where we're going, and join us on our journey on Seedrs!

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