Where are my keys?


  • Doordeck iOS & Android App

If you have downloaded the  doordeck app, you may have found that a there is now a new design, we hope you like it.

We’ve found most users prefer using our tiles, so we’ve made that the main focus of this update - you can quickly access the tile scanner using the circle button at the bottom of the screen, you can also configure it to automatically launch when you open Doordeck and you can switch between NFC and QR code scanning.

Your keys may have also moved; on the main screen we only show your favourite keys for the currently selected site.

To see a full list of your keys you will need to click on the “i” in the site card, this will show you a full list of your keys for the site and sharing options. You can also unlock, change settings or favourite doors from here.



Marwan Kathayer
Head of Product