I've been 'pre-onboarded', how do I see the doors?

Pre-onboarding is where your building administrator, with the help of Doordeck, setup a watch for when you register so that we can automatically share a number of doors with you.

Once you've been pre-onboarded, all you have to do is download the Doordeck app (via Google Play or App Store), register using the email address you were contracted by, you'll receive an email from Doordeck asking to verify your email address, simply click 'Verify your email address'. Any doors you have access to you will now be available in the Doordeck app, you may need to pull down to refresh.

If you were already registered with Doordeck when you were 'pre-onboarded', you should immediately see the doors, providing you've previously verified your email address.

Marwan Kathayer
Head of Product