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Doordeck Box 4G

Is your door not connected to your access control network?

Parking garage or electric gate not connected to the main buildings networked access control system?

We can solve your connection woes with the Doordeck Box 4G, enabling you to supercharge any mag lock or strike lock for Doordeck smartphone entry.

4G access control

How is the Doordeck Box 4G different?

The Doordeck Box 4G is a low cost access control system that provides the fastest, consistently reliable and most secure unlocking. The Box 4G comes with a built-in router and a Teal international smart eSIM.

Teal’s eSIM automatically selects the strongest 3G or 4G network coverage anywhere in the world to provide a constant internet connection for locks anywhere and at anytime. When there isn’t a networked access control system and internet connection in place the Doordeck Box 4G provides the solution.

Smart Access control parking garage

Why is the Doordeck Box 4G commonly chosen?

The Doordeck Box 4G is commonly installed for Apple watch door access and smartphone entry to areas like staff parking garage’s located away from buildings that have pre-installed networked access control systems.

The Doordeck Box 4G can be used by employees to unlock electric gates, barriers, or bollards. There is no need for a PoE socket or to run an ethernet cable from the Box to a PoE socket so it’s great for reducing cabling and minimising engineer installation time. It will continue to work unlike building Wi-Fi which may not always be stable.

Can an installed Doordeck Box 4G work for more than one door?

The Doordeck Box 4G comes in 2 versions. The Doordeck Box 4G One and Doordeck Box 4G Eight.

The Doordeck Box 4G One has a 1 door controller and a license for 1 door (unlimited users) for Doordeck smartphone contactless entry.

The Doordeck Box 4G Eight has an 8 door controller to be able to access up to 8 doors (unlimited users) in a building. Just add the number of door licenses for the required number of doors you’d like to activate.

Any other differences between the Doordeck Box 4G One and Eight?

Both versions of the Doordeck Box 4G provide access for an unlimited number of users, for no additional cost.

Our access controller’s use the renowned Axis One Click Connect technology that works alongside Doordeck’s cloud infrastructure to provide the highest levels of encryption, speed and reliability possible.

Both Doordeck Box 4G’s use the same market leading cloud infrastructure that enables Doordeck to excel with other integrated access control systems.

The employee uses their smartphone and Doordeck Contactless NFC tile to send a request from smartphone to Doordeck Cloud to the Doordeck Box 4G which then unlocks the door, barrier, gate or bollard.

Unlock parking garage and gates using your Apple Watch

Technical Specification

   Doordeck Box 4G One  Doordeck Box 4G Eight
 No. doors supported  1 Door  8 Doors
 Operating temperature  -40 to 55 °C  -30 to 55 °C
 DC input voltage  8-28 V  8-28 V
 PoE, PoE+  PoE  PoE, PoE+
 DC Output  12 and 24 V  12 and 24 V
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