The superpower behind commercial real estate management

This article is dedicated to those unsung heroes of the corporate world. Those that keep our buildings ticking along, whether they are responsible for one site or multiple sites across the city, country or even the world.
April 13, 2022

The building and facility Managers

I would hazard a guess that the regular employee doesn’t fully appreciate the role of their Building or Facility Manager. In fact, they probably rarely come into contact with them, unless of course they need a replacement key card or key fob (more on this later). The long and short of it is, they have unnecessarily complicated lives, making sure ours run smoothly; Every. Single. Day. Whether that’s coordinating tradesmen and repairs needed, cleaners, deliveries, making sure the internet is running as fast as we need it or solving potential problems that haven’t even come up yet. Learn more about what has changed in their jobs thanks to COVID-19 here.

And then, there is ensuring the building’s security, regardless of how many people go in and out of it each day. In a world without Doordeck, our Building Managers and their teams spend a large portion of their day issuing new key cards, logging lost ones, ordering and issuing replacements and so on. Just try and imagine the number of people that will go in and out of a gym or a hotel or even an office building every day and the number of them that will drop or misplace their access pass.

Sounds tedious, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be. Using Doordeck allows the time needed for these tasks to be significantly reduced, whether you are using our app directly or with Doordeck’s SDK integration into existing company apps for the likes of gyms, hotels or Tenant Experience Apps.

Install in moments, manage all from anywhere at anytime

Our NFC keyless entry solution makes contactless entry to your building faster, more secure and more reliable as does the ability to issue digital visitor passes even without the use of our app. But what makes our app particularly versatile is that building managers won’t need to install any wires, controllers, locks or readers. They won’t need to rip out any existing systems. They certainly won’t need to allocate funds to costly engineer visits or schedule system downtimes.

Doordeck is ready to use in moments, and we don’t even need to access the site – everything can be done remotely, and that includes complete user management and real time usage logs accessible 24/7.

The fact that Doordeck is the world’s only keyless entry software solution, which integrates with all major access control systems only further compliments it’s versatility.

What’s more, all of this is super secure. I’m talking about military grade encryption . Can your existing access control system say the same?

Okay, so you’re ready to go. Now what?

So it’s been.. minutes.. and your Doordeck smart door access control system is ready to go.. Thanks to the fact that the access control system is a secure cloud-based solution, our building managers can access it anytime and from anywhere – all they need is an internet connection and a browser, while it still upholds the aforementioned security protocols.

But what does this really mean?

What I’m really saying is that it’s not just the initial Doordeck software installation that is super quick. It's its day-to-day usage too. Forget about organising the printing and encoding of hundreds of plastic key cards and key fobs each year, all you’ll need with Doordeck is an email address of your new user. All they will need is a smartphone – they don’t even need to download our App if they don’t want to, a browser will do just fine.

This includes temporary visitor access passes, which can be revoked manually or set to expire automatically at a given time (more on this in my previous blog here).

Just think of the environmental benefits.

According to Greenpeace USA, approx. 8.5 billion tonnes of plastic has been produced since the 1950s. That, apparently, is the weight of a billion elephants or 47 million blue whales. One billion elephants! Greenpeace estimates that nearly 80% of this plastic ends up in landfill and 12.7 tonnes of plastic enters our oceans each year.

Using your smartphone to unlock doors with contactless NFC technology is not only better for the environment than a plastic keycard. It’s faster, more secure and more reliable too.

Need I say more?

Find out more about our other product features here, or get in touch to get started today.

Marwan Kathayer
Head of Product