Case Study

PATCH + DOORDECK: Revolutionising Access Control In Modern Workspaces

Let’s unravel how Doordeck transformed Patch’s access management
January 29, 2024

In this case study, we dive deep into the integration journey of Doordeck: into the Patch app. This forward-thinking company is utilising unused buildings and spaces in small towns and turning them into collaborative work environments.

Let’s unravel how Doordeck transformed Patch’s access management, making it more innovative, efficient, and in tune with the needs of a contemporary flex workspace.

How many buildings are currently integrated with Doordeck, and how many active users do you have across these locations?

Patch started with one location in Chelmsford and has recently opened two more in High Wycombe and Twickenham. We have over 300 active members across our sites and growing. We aim to be on every UK High Street so there will be lots of members using Doordeck.

Active Users: 300

Third-party integration: Nexudus

Locations: 3

Can you briefly describe Patch’s mission and the challenges faced regarding access control for visitor and guest management before collaborating with Doordeck?

Patch’s dynamic vision is to decentralise the workplace with a ‘Near Home’ solution that compliments a hybrid work model and re-energizes commuter towns and their high streets. Patch’s mission is to redefine unused spaces such as high street shops and transform them into coworking hubs within commuter towns across the UK, balancing productivity and fostering a sense of community. Before integrating with Doordeck for a smart access solution, our biggest challenges lay in flex space member management and being able to administer day passes efficiently. Our outdated access control systems often led to issues like misplaced key cards and cumbersome manual processes for granting guest access. This posed operational challenges and hindered our aim to deliver a seamless and innovative access experience for our members, visitors, and guests that matched our company ethos.

What spurred Patch to seek out Doordeck’s cloud-based access control solution?

The nature of today’s workspaces is dynamic and ever evolving. As Patch expanded its footprint, we needed to innovate and update our access control to shift to a mobile-first approach. Doordeck’s promise of a software solution that integrated with our existing access control hardware to provide smartphone entry provided a quick integration without the need for new hardware and expensive installation. We also reduced administration time and cost by eliminating the need for traditional key cards and reducing the security risks these pose.

Can you shed light on the integration process? Were there any apprehensions,

and how did Doordeck’s solution align with Patch’s existing infrastructure?

Adopting new technology always comes with reservations. Our primary focus was

ensuring a seamless transition without disrupting our operations and members.

The initial concern was how quickly our site teams could be trained to manage

access. Thankfully, Doordeck is compatible with Nexudus, a system we already

use for space utilisation and room booking. Therefore, no new software was

required to be introduced and learned. Integration was straightforward; we could

embed Doordeck functionality within our Nexudus-managed app. The installation

was quick, easy, and straightforward.

Can you comment on user, employee, and visitor feedback since the integration of

Doordeck’s system?

It has been positive! The use of Doordeck has been greeted with enthusiasm.

Members appreciate the ease of use and the elimination of pesky vital cards.

Visitors and contractors have praised the convenience of temporary mobile visitor

passes, ensuring they access only the needed areas without compromising

security. Doordeck has elevated our workspace access experience.

With Patch’s expansion plans in mind, how integral will Doordeck shape the

access control for their forthcoming sites?

As Patch expands its footprint, our collaboration with Doordeck is firmly within

our plans. We’ve chosen Doordeck as the go-to solution for all our future sites,

making it the gold standard for access control in our spaces. This decision

ensures that every new location benefits from the same consistent, streamlined,

and secure entry experience, reflecting Patch’s commitment to blending

innovative workspace design with cutting-edge technology.

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Guy Adderley
Director of Sales & Operations (UK and Europe)