Press Release

Doordeck is excited to announce integration with SystemHouse Solutions Integra access control security platform.

Doordeck now provides the Integra access control system with quick, reliable and secure smartphone door access control. SystemHouse Solutions' collaboration with Doordeck provides smartphone NFC keyless entry that is up to x 5 faster than using Bluetooth to unlock a door.
February 25, 2022

Unlocking with Integra access control enhances the building's level of security with role based hierarchical security, multi-factor authentication and banking level encryption.

SystemHouse Solutions Partnership Manager, Thomas Kvarnes announces Doordeck's impressive security first approach was key to forming a partnership agreement.

“Doordeck doesn’t compromise on security which made them the ideal partner for SystemHouse Solutions. Our Integra clients from version 8.10, no longer need to issue key cards or fobs to their tenants. These are always a security risk and are prone to being lost, cloned, stolen or shared. We’ve enabled smartphone entry to mitigate risk by adding an additional level of security when using the Integra access control system as the phone’s biometrics are used to ensure the tenant has been authorised to access a building. All data is encrypted at rest, audit logged and GDPR compliant. Doordeck’s cloud infrastructure, encryption implementation and authentication processes are military grade. Extra security levels like GPS Geofencing and IP restriction are also readily available for clients. We’re excited to be working in partnership with Doordeck to offer these additional features for our Integra customers”

Thomas continues to say:

“SystemHouse Solutions see high market demand for non-proprietary integration solutions, particularly in the area of digital keys. The pandemic has fast tracked the expectation for innovative Proptech solutions that solve issues for building access”.

Doordeck integration enables property, facilities and building managers to manage building access from anywhere, at anytime, to specific rooms at specific times. The appointed person can manage day-to-day access control for permanent employees, contractors and visitors through the Doordeck app, for a whole portfolio of buildings as easily as one.

Doordeck’s visitor management system enables temporary time expiry visitor access passes without needing to issue key cards or fobs or sign in at a reception.

Get in touch now to learn more about how your access control system and app can integrate with Doordeck’s SDK.

CEO of Doordeck