Press Release

Doordeck forms a scalable, strategic partnership with Sentry Interactive

Doordeck and Sentry Interactive’s unparalleled partnership provides the ability to connect with major systems through a combination of open APIs to create safe and secure building environments.
March 10, 2022

Doordeck and Sentry Interactive’s unparalleled partnership provides the ability to connect with major systems through a combination of open APIs to create safe and secure building environments. The integration unites people safely within building environments using smart secure access control alongside a detection and digital communications platform, re-energising work communities through healthy productive face-to-face interaction.

Enterprise security and safety is crucial in achieving Sentry Interactive’s purpose to physically bring people back to the office, retail space, education, and healthcare environments. The return of physical interaction brings with it productive and profitable benefits that have been missed from the required adaptation to work and interact remotely.

Doordeck and Sentry Interactive’s solution is formed by creating a cost-effective digital engagement platform to replace existing fragmented entry systems. Doordeck’s cloud-based access control that provides smartphone keyless entry and visitor management, integrates with Sentry’s Interactive enhanced experience platform, to provide wellness screening and facial recognition, for a safeguarded environment.

Marwan Kathayer, joint CEO and Co-Founder at Doordeck says:

“Investment into creating a futureproof work environment is more important than ever. Ensuring a safe work environment thanks to technology like Sentry’s Interactive Tower, creates peace of mind for workers when physically attending and moving around the space. At the same time, it indirectly addresses underlying issues associated with health and remote working. From a business standpoint, we’re proud that our SDK and APIs have been used to connect PropTech with HealthTech through Sentry Interactive’s innovative product”.

Access points to the work environment are more secure than ever, with an advanced line of technological defence removing the need for reception and security. Doordeck’s cloud-based access control to unlock using NFC technology forms the fastest, most reliable, and most secure door entry. It’s cloud infrastructure also provides a cost-effective, scalable, and secure visitor management system. Turning the visitor’s smartphone into a digital visitor pass eliminates the need to issue physical access passes. Digital keys can be credentialed remotely by building admins to save money, time and plastic waste from needing to replace access passes. Each digital pass granted is unique and can be controlled to be active for a certain time frame to enhance building security.

VP Sales & Marketing at Sentry Interactive says:

“With security being a top priority in achieving our objectives, the integration of Doordeck’s smartphone door access control into our product helps to eliminate potential physical risks to front line teams and their facilities. With the secure NFC exchange of sensitive access data alongside built-in smartphone security, breaches of building facilities are prevented across all types of sites and employee safety is ensured. Furthermore, security cannot be compromised from lost or stolen credentials, the smartphone is the most secure and adaptable digital key out there.”


Doordeck’s integration with Sentry Interactive delivers real-time and historical rich data enabling controlled access management. Tracking building and room usage through door unlock times and volumes makes managing who’s in and who’s out of the building clear and simple. Giving further control to building managers as well as allowing companies to track employee movements. Sentry Interactive provides access only when deemed safe to enter the building, to remove health risks and allow for safe interaction between tenants.

CEO of Doordeck