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Doordeck acquired by Sentry Interactive

Today we’re excited to announce a new chapter in Doordeck’s story…
May 25, 2022

Doordeck was established seven years ago. At the time, smartphone apps began to impact the way we stayed connected and how we communicated with each other. People expected to be able to use their phones to do almost anything, from email, to online shopping, to mobile banking. Yet within access and security, mobile apps were relatively unused. The idea of an employee using their phone to unlock a door, that could integrate with any access control system in any building around the world, was unheard of.

Even today, we’re proud to say that Doordeck is still the world’s only access control aggregator, and we are pleased that Sentry Interactive acknowledges the value of this too. The mutual scalability for both SaaS businesses is what makes this partnership and sharing of resources so valuable to both parties.

What Happens next

We’re excited to collaborate with Sentry Interactive because we both share a philosophy to create sustainable building environments on a social level. We use cutting-edge technology to future-proof the workplace with the most safe and secure software solutions. Whilst delivering an exceptional user experience to re-energise working environments through healthy face-to-face interaction. Modernizing the workplace is what excites us and disrupting sectors with market leading cloud-based software solutions is what we do best.

As part of Sentry Interactive, Doordeck will have a formidable sales force in the US and leverage investments in R&D to enhance Doordeck’s products, creating awesome new features and delivering integrations even faster. We’re as committed to our vision and brand as we were on launch day but we now have more firepower to fulfill that mission.

The acquisition comes as we celebrate over 1,000,000 door unlocks in some of the most iconic buildings in the world managed by the likes of CBRE, Canary Wharf Group and Knight Frank. Partnering with Sentry Interactive allows us to build on this success and will help to cement our footing in the US market.

Thank you to all the Doordeck customers, partners, integrators, investors and users out there who have helped make Doordeck what it is today. Your support, feedback, and love for Doordeck inspires all of us to continue to complete more and more integrations, develop further partnerships and unlock more and more doors across the globe. We hope you are as excited as we are about our journey ahead.

About Sentry Interactive

Sentry Interactive is a leading provider of advanced digital communications and detection platforms designed to bring your workforce and guests together safely and securely. Sentry’s products combine screening technology, surveys, visitor management, internal communications, and security to engage your employees, business owners, and guests on a level that allows for peace of mind when coming together in almost any environment.

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