Does Your Workplace Have A Tenant Experience App (TEA)?

TEA’s have a key role to play in getting people back to the workplace safely now and in a post-pandemic world.
September 18, 2020

Work from home (WFH) has provided some welcome changes: home cooked lunches, no commuting and more time with loved ones.

But the workplace is where we formulate better, more-rounded relationships with our colleagues, co-workers and clients, and, for many us, where we can really focus.

However, people are concerned about the safety of their workplace and the risk of infection. That’s why workplaces and buildings with Tenants Experience Apps (TEAs) have a special role to play in keeping their tenants informed and safe.

Here’s how...

Communicate ‘The New Normal’ In An Instant

Whether your workplace is an iconic skyscraper, a hipster coworking space complete with ping pong tables or a more traditional workplace, it’s highly likely that the building managers find it challenging to communicate with everyone inside. In a post-pandemic world, where up-to-date safety is of utmost importance, communicating the new normal in an instant is critical.

Equiem are global leaders in tenancy engagement apps, with their technology already deployed by 9,000+ companies with 175,000 users. Equiem’s clients have the ability to instantly communicate with their tenants: Essential post-pandemic protocol, such as new hygiene best practice and information on how to conduct risk assessments. Spontaneous changes, such as staggering working hours to avoid bottlenecks at main access points.

Before COVID:19, Equiem reported that 90% of their building populations downloaded their app. And that rate is expected to increase to near 100% with the addition of Doordeck’s unique contactless smartphone door entry. This can be extended to car park gates, bollards and barriers, elevators, printers and storage lockers.

Another leading TEA that adopts Doordeck’s smart zero touch NFC door access control solution is Savvy, a London based TEA that provides a digital communication solution to asset managers and landlords. With the Savvy mobile app, clients can communicate instantly with the tenants in their buildings, providing updates on COVID-19 measures taken to promote social distancing and capacity management for a safe work environment. Bespoke sensor solutions are also deployed to collect real-time data on indoor air quality to ensure a healthy work environment is maintained.

Build Community and Promote Health & Wellbeing

WFH has disrupted team dynamics and risks making departments and employees more siloed. Rebuilding team spirit through community, fun and wellbeing activities, as well as providing a safe working environment, will be a top priority for managers and employers on their return to the office. Well-looked after staff are more productive.

Savvy CEO, Freddie Pritchard-Smith started up because he saw the opportunity to provide better health and wellbeing in the workplace through the use of technology.

“With Savvy, our clients can promote internal health and wellbeing activities to their tenants and their tenants love it because they can find out who else in the building shares their interests: yoga, 5-a-side football or whatever else… Helping staff connect through healthy hobbies is one of the great unsung elements of Tenant Engagement Apps.”

Make Your Building Contactless

Making a building contactless and therefore limiting the risk of infection spread is a key element of the return to work conversation because there are not that many obvious solutions.

Fortunately, Doordeck is leading the field globally.

Its intuitive API—which can be whitelabelled and embeds neatly into an existing TEA—empowers users to open doors using their own mobile phone. Now, there is an alternative to using germ-transmitting physical keys, cards and fobs.

Additionally, to make the return to work truly contactless in a post-pandemic world, Doordeck have been developing several groundbreaking innovative integrations...

  • Contactless Parking: Driving to work is likely to increase as people feel unsafe on public transport, so mobile car park access will make the transition to the workplace from home completely contactless.

  • Contactless Elevators: Packed lifts will be a concern for people working in tall buildings, but Doordeck removes needless germy buttons and increases the efficiency of the lift system by managing user destinations into groups.

  • Contactless Printers: Printers are the one piece of hardware many people still share in the workplace but now they can order their copies from the safety of their own mobile device and get a push notification when the file has been printed.

  • Contactless Lockers: Personal lockers for staff and customers or industrial lockers for important hardware and goods can be made mobile accessible removing the need for shared key access.

Doordeck CEO said:

Doordeck’s latest innovations allow TEAs to offer something absolutely unique to their customers providing a contactless journey from parking lot to their desk. The unique offering allows us to integrate with all existing networked access door control systems.

When there is no existing access control our Doordeck Box hardware can be used to provide a powered, internet connected, cost-effective, secure solution, ideal for car parks and elevators. The neat smartphone printer and smart locker integration completes the contactless experience, meaning that tenants can lose their key card and fobs for good and the only key they need to carry with them all day, everyday, their mobile phone.”

CEO of Doordeck