Case Study

Case Study - Residential Management Group

RMG required a smart building access control solution which enabled workmen, RMG staff and tenants to gain access to communal areas in any of their residential blocks.
June 8, 2022


RMG required a smart building access control solution which enabled workmen, RMG staff and tenants to gain access to communal areas in any of their residential blocks. Previously, an RMG employee was required to travel to the building and hand over the necessary keys to workmen, then collect the keys after the work was complete. This cost time and money for both workmen and the employee. Often keys were mislabelled, not returned promptly or at all causing security issues.

Adding to the challenge, RMG’s residential buildings consist of a variety of hardware solutions. They needed a system-agnostic solution to keep costs low.


Doordeck is an access control agnostic system meaning roll out to RMG’s properties was straightforward. Where doors were not connected to a network, RMG utilised the Doordeck Box which connects any door to the Doordeck cloud based access system.

Our software already offers features relevant to solving their challenges, including time-limited digital visitor passes, instant onboarding and remote credentialing. These standard features allowed RMG to control and monitor access to their buildings without needing to be present themselves.


We began by onboarding 14 pilot buildings with a total of 20 doors requiring Doordeck integration. This allowed RMG to trial the installation of Doordeck Boxes and gauge the reaction from building occupants.

We trained the Business Analyst at RMG on how to use the Doordeck platform, giving him full control of the RMG properties. After one training session, he was confident enough to train colleagues without the need for Doordeck support. RMG was then able to grant occupants instant access to relevant doors via the Doordeck remote onboarding feature, and send digital visitor passes to workmen due onsite. James Hooper, Business Analyst remembers back to his first meeting with Doordeck:

“I understood the problem when I first met with Doordeck. Not knowingly I’d picked up the wrong bunch of keys and so couldn’t access the building to show them around. At that point, the CEO cheekily said, if you had Doordeck installed this wouldn’t be a problem. From that point, I clearly saw that my error was an easy one to make, especially when there are many bunches of keys, key cards and fobs centrally stored for multiple buildings in one place, often not being clearly labelled.

The digital visitor passes, where administrators can centrally add a specific user to access a specific door for a specific time has made life a lot easier, saving around 280 hours of employee time per month where historically keys would have needed to have been delivered to trades people and collected from them after their visits.

At the same time we’ve been able to provide smartphone keyless door entry to our residents which is particularly key in helping us to play our part in ensuring that our tenants are safe when entering their buildings during the pandemic.”


Due to RMGs varied hardware restrictions, Doordeck invented the Doordeck Box 4G; a hardware solution that connects doors to the internet. Partnering with Teal who offers a smart eSIM solution that was perfect for locks requiring a constant internet connection. Teal’s eSIM automatically switches to the best mobile connection for the area.

Doordeck also worked with Teltonika who provided a powerful compact 4G router, and with Axis who offer a secure and simple to connect access control lock through their innovative One Click connection.

Within the space of two days the Doordeck Box and software was installed and fully integrated into the 14 pilot residential buildings owned by RMG.

During installation of the Doordeck Box, feedback from residents was positive, with one resident showing particular enthusiasm after the successful install in the first building:

“It seems super safe. The app is really well designed and easy to use. The widget is very convenient to open the door from a distance (especially in times of Covid, when it is nice to avoid touching door handles, etc).”  

- Pedro, tenant at Battle Bridge Court.

The amount of training required was minimal due to Doordecks’ intuitive interface. Instant door access was given to all building occupants who wanted it by RMG staff, but it was not forced upon any residents who did not wish to use the product. Residents who were not interested are still able to use their fobs.

Trades people are also seeing the added benefits outside of the time they used to lose waiting on an RMG employee to arrive to let them into the building:

“It was simple and straight forward to operate, easy and simple to install on my Android phone. I am really impressed. This block also had electronic gates, which I regularly use which again work well using Doordeck to get in”


Overall, Doordeck partnering with RMG has been an outstanding success. Both RMG and their building occupants have been very happy with the experience.

-     Began with 10 pilot residential buildings requiring 20 Doordeck Boxes.

-     Solution has now rolled out to an additional 4 buildings, bringing total number of doors supported by Doordeck to 34.

-     63% of RMGs tenants instantly adopted Doordeck smartphone door access to their building, opting to ditch their key cards and fobs.

-     Trades people are accessing buildings via time-limited visitor door passes twice weekly.

-     Over 56 hours of RMG time has been saved per week across the 14 buildings that we have been trialling.

-     2,912 hours of head office employee time has been saved annually.

Cameron Turriff