Case Study

BE Offices + Doordeck: Mobilising Access Control For Flexible Workspaces

BE Offices stand at the forefront of the UK’s flexible workspace market
January 29, 2024

BE Offices stand at the forefront of the UK’s flexible workspace market. Spanning 300,000 sq ft of office space throughout London and wider UK cities, including Belfast, Southampton and Birmingham, their journey has been marked by innovation, expansion, and client-focused services.

Can you provide some insights into BE Offices journey so far?

Each space encapsulates our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art facilities, be it a gym, breakout areas, or meeting rooms. With steady expansion from 2 to 6 sites recently, we're proud to have maintained our award-winning service level, even as we grow. Our ethos is rooted in transparency ensuring our clients experience no unexpected surprises and can enjoy a connected workspace experience where they can feel comfortable.

The modern workplace is evolving rapidly, what spurred BE Offices to embrace Doordeck as part of this evolution?

The nature of workspaces today demands adaptability. As our operations grew and diversified, especially with the jump from 2 to 6 sites, we realised the increasing complexity of managing access for a diverse group, from tenants to visitors. Traditional access methods showed their limitations, from forgotten key cards and fobs to the challenges of granting contractors out-of-hours entry. Doordeck, with its flexible mobile access solution seemed to be the most convenient answer. It promised an easy and affordable upgrade to mobile entry without needing to replace our existing Paxton Net2 system. Providing the option to simply integrate with the existing access controller to avoid replacement of legacy system hardware.

What challenges did you anticipate during the integration process and how was the experience of integrating Doordeck with your system?

Initially, integrating a new solution with our existing Paxton Net2 system did raise some concerns, primarily because we wanted to ensure minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. To our pleasant surprise, integrating Doordeck turned out to be much smoother than we had first anticipated. One significant advantage with Doordeck is its compatibility and seamless integration with systems including Paxton Net2. But what truly stood out was the ease of setup and installation of the new wireless NFC door tiles which are mounted next to the door you want to provide mobile access for. It was as quick and easy as we could have hoped for with the simple peel and stick application. This speed and efficiency not only

saved us valuable time but also reaffirmed our decision to adopt Doordeck as a modern solution for our access management needs.

Could you delve deeper into how Doordeck integrates into the daily operations of BE Offices?

Doordeck has seamlessly woven itself into our daily operations. In our head office,

the integration has been profound, with over 50 doors now under Doordeck's

umbrella. At our other sites, up to 6 doors are now Doordeck controlled, a number

we're keen on increasing. The practical applications are varied. For our tenants,

it's a modern, tech-savvy way to enter. Contractors, often working out of hours,

find the remote one-time passes invaluable. One of our directors, known for his

penchant for cutting-edge tech, has even made the complete switch to the app,

strictly avoiding the traditional access card. It's not just about opening doors—it's

about opening up a modern, efficient, and user-friendly access experience.

How has Doordeck redefined the access control experience for BE Offices'

and its users?

At a first glance, access control might indeed seem a minor aspect of the office

experience. However, in reality, it's one of the first interactions a user has with our

space and can set the tone for their entire day. With Doordeck, we've witnessed a

transformation in this interaction. Gone are the days of frantically searching for a

forgotten fob or getting locked out of the office. Now the experience for tenants

and visitors is smoother and aligns with the expectations of a modern workspace.

The convenience of Doordeck, especially its feature allowing temporary access

keys, is more than a novelty—it’s a reflection of our commitment to providing streamlined, modern solutions to everyday challenges.

How would you encapsulate the impact of Doordeck on BE Offices?

Doordeck has been instrumental in amplifying our commitment to innovation. It

seamlessly blends with our mission of providing smarter buildings for our

customers. The flexibility of providing temporary access keys, for instance, aligns

perfectly with the unpredictable and hybrid working needs of today's dynamic

business environment.

With that in mind, how do you envisage Doordeck shaping BE Offices' future trajectory?

As we map out our future, Doordeck has already established itself as an integral

tool in our blueprint. Our current experience with the system makes us optimistic

about expanding its presence across all our locations. We are in a constant state

of evolution, always seeking out smart, efficient solutions for our clients and staff.

Doordeck's alignment with this vision is undeniable. As we continue to grow and

adapt to the ever-changing demands of the modern workspace, we foresee

Doordeck playing an even larger role, helping us achieve a more interconnected,

user-friendly, and efficient workspace ecosystem.

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Guy Adderley
Director of Sales & Operations (UK and Europe)