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5 Reasons to Back Doordeck

Doordeck have opened their first Seedrs crowdfunding round. In honour of this, we've highlighted the Top 5 ways that Doordeck's access control technology is groundbreaking and innovative.
May 26, 2020

1. Manufacturer Agnostic

Doordeck is an entirely SaaS (Software as a Service) application that does not require any hardware installation, whatsoever.

Our API and NFC technology sits alongside existing card readers, including Bluetooth models. That’s why, to add smartphone access to your building, there is no need to rip out existing hardware (i.e. card readers). Being manufacturer agnostic means that any building with access control is a potential Doordeck customer.

Quite profoundly, therefore, Doordeck’s tech does not bulldoze outdated access systems but revolutionises them.

2. Competitor-Less

Let’s be clear, there is absolutely nothing new about opening a door with a mobile phone!

We, however, are distinct from any “rivals” because we harness NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, whereas the other mobile door-access solutions use Bluetooth.

NFC is the tech embedded in contactless card transactions and the same thing we all use to operate mobile payments. If Apple, Android and all the banks opt for NFC over Bluetooth for cash transactions, why would anyone opt for Bluetooth for something as important as accessing your workplace, hotel room or own home?

Doordeck has competitors in the mobile-door access market, but they rely on Bluetooth which we all know can be unreliable to say the least!

3. Enormous Potential Customer Base

As a SaaS that sits on top of any existing door access system, Doordeck can open doors for everyone.
Doordeck currently has clients in the UK, USA, Australia, Russia, South Africa, and across the EU. The type of doors and buildings that we can open are endless: airports, offices, laboratories, data centres, schools, hotels, universities, gyms, and homes.

Our business model is flexible but a typical subscription model costs £10-£20 a month, per door. Thus, when Doordeck secures a client (say a skyscraper in London or NYC) with a 100 door building, Doordeck earns £1,000-£2,000 revenue per month. We will let you do the maths, but the financial scale of this technology is enormous.

4. Forward-Thinking Leadership

Doordeck co-founder and CEO started his first business in IT hardware sales when he was only seventeen years old and still at school. Almost 20 years on, and now onto his seventh business venture, he knows he has the perfect product in his hands.

He says: “I love change. A lot of businesses fail because they don’t change. I'm always convinced I'm wrong; I'm always challenging and criticizing myself, and as a result I'm always looking to improve my product.
“Now, we’ve got it. We’ve refined the product so we’re totally unique and we fix a very real problem. Doordeck will become a globally recognised brand in 3-5 years”.

5. The Future of Door Access is Mobile

We live in a world where smartphones are ubiquitous because, in truth, they are not phones at all, but mini supercomputers that can complete an incredible array of tasks and functions.

Doordeck simply adds to a smartphone's repotraire of utility by allowing door access to your workplace or home. Like mobile payments which have exploded in popularity in just a few years, Doordeck will make opening a door with a mobile as common as paying for a coffee with your phone.

Ready to Learn More About Doordeck?

Head to our Seedrs campaign here: seedrs.com/doordeck

Craig E Ryder